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against the clock, sitting survivors still trapped. last night, a washington, d.c. man was rescued underneath a collapsed building. >> on either side of us were these huge pillars. there was no way. we were all in that same spot. >> the state department says 207 american citizens have been evacuated from haiti. survivors are not getting the help they need and frustration is growing. rescue efforts are stalled because the airport is overwhelmed. there's not enough room for airplanes to land. airplanes have had to circle the air for released an hour. the airports have taken charge of the airport traffic control, and navy vessels of turn into staging grounds. >> we have conducted relief operations during the day. we bring the forces back to the ship at night. >> there's no fresh water. food is scarce. medical supplies are running low. they say time is running out. >> they will have 72 hours or so to take care of the life- threatening injuries. people are dying every minute. >> they're running out of room to take and in thousands of bodies on streets and outside of collapsed hospitals.
news at noon, on your side. >> meet washington's new $35 million man. mike shanahan will officially be named the redskins' new coach this afternoon. fans in the front office will be watching to see if his five-year contract will produce similar results to his time in denver. good afternoon, everyone. i am alison starling. matt brock has a preview of the 2:00 announcement. >> it is official. mike shanahan will be the new redskins coach. from the moment his name was whispered, fans thought perhaps he would help revive the team from its dismal performance. >> you cannot do worse. >> the deal was sealed late yesterday with a celebratory dinner at the palm restaurant in tyson. shanahan and his wife was there with the owner and the team's new general manager. >> it is great to be here. >> this brings -- generated a joke or two. shanahan paycheck, no punchline. it is serious money. $35 million over five years and his son, kyle, comes -- becomes offensive coordinator. the real problem with this team is its owner. that dan snyder interferes too much with a football. under this new contract,
as they cut back to redskin park at 1:30. this was one of the most tumultuous seasons in washington redskins football history. it was a situation that jim zorn and knew what was coming. the team lost to the detroit lions early in the season and it was downhill from there. sherman lewis was pulled out of retirement to call plays. the place had to be relayed to jason campbell. jim zorn was a lame-duck coach throughout the second half of the season. he handled the situation with class and dedication. he knew he was gone but despite the turmoil, he leaves as a popular coach among the players. >> he is a coach you wanted to play hard for. it will not be the same for him. i wish him luck. for the redskins, we are starting a new beginning. i appreciate that. he is a good guy. >> take a look at some numbers -- he started 6-2 with the washington redskins but has gone 6-18 cents, a 12-20 overall. there has been a new, -- news conference called for 12:30. they will talk about the firing of jim zorn and will probably talk of that a new head coach. i got off the fun with the former general manager. he wa
with in this situation. just another one of those washington d.c. winter storms that brings a little bit of everything. in some locations, we will get a little more of everything. let's break it down for you here. let's take a look at our graphics. our forecast for the remainder of the day, not so bad out here. partly cloudy conditions. 43, are afternoon highs. around dinner time locally and especially bad time, it is when we will see the beginning of the precipitation. southern maryland, not a big deal. luckily, we are expecting a little bit of everything. out west, that is where the main concern is. west of the blue ridge, we are expecting higher accumulations. maybe a little bit of freezing rain. locally, 95 corridor and west tell about the blue ridge, that is where we are expecting up to about an inch, but mostly less than in inch of/ems on the ground. -- slushty mess on the ground. >>> the only on 7 today, a good samaritan shares his story of how he pulled the truck driver to safety from a precarious lead leaning power tower in prince george's county. matt brock has the exclusive interview. >> he
tundra around washington. over the past few months, navigating the road has become a scary situation. >> eight months ago it was stock and i thought it was the format. it scared the living daylights out of me. >> according to the auto maker, in rare cases, older and more worn down paddle's can stick when a car is moving. the automobile giant is a instructingealers across the country to put the brakes on the sales of eight new models, including the avalon, tundra, corolla, and cameron -- camry. the vetting 20,000 employees in texas, and canada. as well as kentucky. customers were told that there was a number to call. while he does not believe that the company is at fault, he said that hearing this issue could be linked to accidents causes some concern. >> toyota gave me no solution. i could start taking the metro, but i cannot carry my tools and supplies there. >> toyoda said that if the problem happens while the car is driving, full over to the side of the road and contact your dealership. no word on when the production of the cars will begin again. >> you can find all of the latest
by the morning. not a major one but still enough in washington to be of concern. >> we want everyone to know we will be watchin the snowfall and its effects on your commute. "good morning washington" will start early tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. we will let you know what is going on. we are certainly not the only ones dealing with this winter weather. a record-breaking chilled is hitting two-thirds of this country. in denver temperatures will not climb out of the single digits all week. heavy snow made driving treacherous. >> i am from scotland and i thought it was cold there. >> you have to make friends with the cold. there is no escaping it. >> the freezing temperatures are also creek in the south. people from south carolina to louisiana -- temperatures are bracing ithe south. people are trying to keep crops from freezing. >>> the bratt creek parkway is open again but today it turned into a parking lot. the problem was a fire at the pennsylvania avenue bridge. that had drivers scrambling for new routes which snarled traffic around georgetown. >> the morning cute is nothing short of a mess. >> i don'
ones desperate to find out if their loved ones are safe. here in washington, the embassy of haiti will be open 24 hours today. good afternoon, everybody. i am alison starling. we begin our coverage with courtney robinson. she is alive in our satellite center. you were at a news conference this morning at the embassy. >> the ambassador spoke of realizing the damage, sharing stories of hope and the fear that almost half an hour after the earthquake hit, raymond joseph got to the secretary general by cellphone. the described it as a buildings around and still falling. now daylight, the images of just how destructive this earthquake was for haiti continue to send shockwaves. >> there are injured people bleeding, sitting on the side of the road, crying and waiting for someone to take care of them. >> the first tremor lasted about 35 seconds, a lifetime of fear, buildings turned to rubble. passengers above the last flight out of the capital saw the devastation, the airport's main control tower flattened. the presidential palace collapsed as well as other government buildings, hospitals,
. they compared data from washington, d.c. with these hands-free laws to nearby jurisdictions without the bans. >>> the new train at dulles airport is back up and running after going out of service the day after it opened. the new system shutdown about 9:30 p.m. after operators detected and open door while they were in the tunnel. this delay forced united airlines to hold three flights and six passengers had to miss their connections. >>> metro is temporarily hiking fares. this increase will be in effect from march 1 until june 30. the extra money will help close a $40 million budget deficit for the year. another fare hike or service cuts could come in 2011 because then there will be a $190 million budget gap. >>> toyota says it has a fix for its paddle problem, but it is not clear at this will stop -- for its peddle problem. there correspondent joins us live. great to see you. -- their correspondent joins us. we understand there is still a concern despite this fix. tell us about it. >> they have found a way to redesign the gas pedal. a toyota company plans full-page newspaper ads for 25 citie
washington post" agency invoked nonexistent terrorism emergencies. fbi officials say agents were working quickly under the stress of trying to thwart the next terrorist attacks. >>> it pivotal day in massachusetts. the filibuster-proof majity in the senate hangs in the balance. it all depends on voter turnout for today's special election to fill the late ted kennedy's seat. could the traditionally blue state turning purple? matt brock has the latest. >> up to the very last minute democrat martha coakley's supporters worked the phones. republican scott brown worked e crowds. >> all of you have an opportunity right now to be part of history to make sure we send a message to washington that business is usual is not how would like to do business, period. >> in this race, that is pulled in a president -- >> fired up in the last election. i need you more fired up. >> there is a lot of state. it starts with ted kennedy's senate seat, he held it for 46 years. it would be a huge blow to democratic it lost the, which is why his widow vickie hit the trail at the end. >> we need to continue that tra
county in maryland. here in washington county classes started on schedule. >> it started later than anticipated but i was surprised with the buses come at because most of the roads are not very good. >> the ride home depends on this indecisive storm. you can bet school officials hope the storm makes up its mind before classes end. >> work crews are still working to repair broken water mains in d.c. florida avenue is shut down in both directions. this is between west virginia avenue and 11th street. it is one of several breaks workers are still cleaning up in the trinidad community. several basements are flooded and traffic had to be diverted when water gushed into neighborhood streets. >>> is one of d.c.'s biggest rallies, the march for life. more than 17,000 people are downtown for an anti-abortion defense including a prayer. we're live at the verizon center. >> thousands of young people met under one roof early this morning kicking off the rally early at the verizon center. all these folks behind me will be heading to the national mall and walking down constitution avenue, but som
, is moving away to washington state to be with his family. he packed up the house and neighbors believe he will put the house for sale. friends who were supportive are a little angry. >> in my opinion, he is the only one who knows where she is at. and god. that is it. >> he claims the night that she disappeared, he left to take his two young sons camping in sub- zero temperatures. he has refused to talk to police and family say he is not helping in the search for his wife. >>> americans lost their jobs last month. the numbers were a disappointment to economists and the administration. they were expecting to show december's to show job gains but the economy lost 85,000 jobs in december. that keeps unemployment at 10% man -- nationally. the manufacturing industry was hit hard but in michigan, the development of electric vehicles is openg some new assembly lines. >> these companies and universities are creating new jobs in michigan and across the u.s. >> economists said that while most company have ended laos, few are high reported an increase in temporary employees may be a sign that compani
and pulled the driver from the truck there now evaluating him. >>> washington gas crews are on the scene of a manhole explosion in montgomery county. this explosion happened yesterday afternoon. it sent a manhole cover crashing through a car windshield. the woman driving the car was seriously hurt. there were also reports of a strong gasoline smell in that area, but so far crews have not identified the source of that smell. >>> police in branchburg, new jersey, arrested lloyd woodson yesterday morning. officers first encountered him at a store. he was wearing a bulletproof vest and was concealing a semiautomatic rifle. after a brief chase and struggle, they arrested him. they searched his hotel room and found more weapons and maps of the u.s. military facility. >>> we are already getting a glimpse of what will be in president obama state of the union address tomorrow. today, there are indications that the president plans to cut federal spending. >> one word you can expect to hear a lot tomorrow night's -- jobs. >> we will talk about how we can focus on job creation and growth. >> with hi
the disinfectant used in d.c. and northern virginia's drinking water. instead of chlorine gas, the washington aqueduct will use a liquid form. engineers say it is safer to transport and use and the change will prevent any terror threats of releasing chlorine gas. it will not change, however, the taste of the water. >>> the gas smell is forcing a seniors' center to close in thin mary's county. -- in st. mary's county. when they smelled it again yesterday, officials decided to close until further notice. as a safety precaution until the source of that voter can be found. we will keep you posted. still to come this noon, a disturbing new video that police hope will capture the driver that struck and injured two young girls. >> this is the most regrettle thing i have ever done in my life >> you will have more on that major league admission about how mark mcgwire cheated at baseball. the promise of a warm-up from 10 of the federal reserve made a record profit of more than $46 billion last year. the record amount came off the fed's effort to rescue the country's in the economic crisis. the money wi
unloaded guns inside the washington wizard's locker room. the star guard admits that he had them, breaking the gun laws in d.c. >> what role model does that? >> the maya have a plea deal that would not result in jail time but community service, a fine, or both. >> i don't think he did this. -- i don't think it he should get community service, if he did this, he should serve the time. >> they would give me time. >> a grandury should indict him because he broke a law, many people say. he brought handguns into the city. >> any other person would be guilty and be punished with jail time. i think he should. he should be held accountable. >> there are those disagreeing. >> wjla.c[unintelligible] if he got robbed, then we would say he should have had a gun. >> an indictment could be returned, meaning he could face 20 years in prison. from d.c. superior court in northwest, courtney robinson. >> sentencingegins today for former bethesda student who pled guilty to possessing a bomb- making chemicals. collin mckenzie-gude pled guilty in september. police found assault weapons, armor piercing bullets
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14